M-BASKET 4X5X2 / lead black

€ 105,00Price
BASKET COLOUR: lead black

Use this outer-shell module to assemble your A-CROSSBODY BAG 4X5X2, or wear it as a stand-alone item! Its durable shell is woven with 100% recycled polyester webbing, made from PET bottles, handmade in The Netherlands. Protect your inner compartments with this outer-layer module.


!!! This module does not include the M-STRAP 6 + M-BUCKLE SET A !!!


The M-BASKET 4X5X2 is only the product you see in photo 1.

The other photos are to show how the assembled A-CROSSBODY BAG 4X5X2 looks.


  • This basket consists of the following modules:

    • M-BASKET 4X5X2: The outer basket  is woven of 100% polyester webbing, made from recycled pet bottles, handmade in The Netherlands.