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The key aspect of our philosophy is to re-think consumption culture and proposing the idea of being able to continuously update, repair, or reassemble a PACKBAGS item. Our products consist of base modules that allow for easy updating and repairing a bag by replacing parts while giving the space to self-expression and adaptations to novel situations. Staying with an item for a long time and updating its parts as its life cycle progresses, after all, is even more sustainable than buying the new and recycled. Longevity is thus worth investing in.


In Circular Design, everything revolves around refurbishing, reusing, and recycling a product instead of putting a quick end to its life cycle. When combined with modular design aspects, parts can separately be used again in the manufacturing process. PACKBAG's lifecycle does not stop when one stops wearing it. Instead, a PACKBAG item will contribute to the creation of something sustainably new. Waste no more.


Our materials originate from the same area as where our products are made. Therefore it only makes sense for us to make all of our goods in our own Amsterdam atelier with our own people who enjoy fair pay and working conditions, and a safe environment: physically as well as mentally. Taking care of our surroundings, means taking care of each other. Our raw materials, in part recycled, are sourced from manufacturing facilities in The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, and the Czech Republic.


With the fashion industry being the world's second most polluting industry, it is out of the question to not have a design practice that does not take this into account. We enable our customers to rethink consumption, thus we carry to heart and practice a mantra of reassembling existing goods, reuse existing materials, and offer a repair service and additional tools to offset the modern throw-away culture mentality. A lifetime is what we are built for.


Crafted from materials selected for their quality, durability, and designed for practical use, PACKBAGS is modular—the construction and its components allow goods to be restyled and accented over time. Pieces from previous editions can be paired effortlessly while maintaining timelessness. We have learned and borrowed elements from traditional Asian basketmaking. Combining these traditional modular approaches with contemporary Western design gives our products their unique, clean, technical, yet timeless look. Climbing and cycling culture also inform our design ethos in an effort to combine the practical with the stylish in a search for our own language. 

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