This key aspect of our philosophy to re-think consumer culture describes the idea of being able to continuously update, repair, or reassemble your PACKBAGS item. Our products consist of base modules that allow you to easily update and repair your bag by replacing parts while giving you the space to express your unique style and adapt to new situations. That way, we create high-quality goods that are as durable as possible, and for that matter, as sustainable as possible. Staying with an item for a long time and updating its parts as its life cycle progresses, after all, is even more sustainable than buying new and recycled.


In Circular Design, everything revolves around refurbishing, reusing, and recycling a product instead of putting an end to its life cycle. When combined with modular design aspects, parts can separately be used again in the manufacturing process. Because of this, your PACKBAGS item's lifecycle does not stop when you stop wearing it. Instead, your bag will contribute to the creation of something new in a sustainable way! And even better: You will help minimalize industrial waste while making another person happy at the same time! Find out more about our Repair and Recycle Service here.



We want our materials to originate from the same place where your bag is made: EUROPE. The idea for our "made in Europe" concept was inspired by our belief in circular & modular design. For us, it only is logical to use the shortest ways of production in combination with durable fabrics from the same area that we produce our products in. Hand-made by craftspeople in Amsterdam, NL, we ensure you a quality product with a minimal footprint in the production of your PACKBAGS item. We are proud to be part of a vibrant European Community!


Because we know that you care, we commit to being transparent on our progress of rethinking consumer culture. Since we produce close to demand, we are flexible to react to changes and avoid overproduction. PACKBAGS' modular design allows for multiple ways of using its base components, which enables us to reduce our production waste to a minimum. Standing by our values, we collaborate with European companies:

- Morssinkhof (Recycling factory in NL)

- Eurocarbon (Webbing Mill in NL)

- Kong (Carabiners made in Italy)

- Black Diamond (Climbing Rope made in the Czech Republic)


For the future, we want to continuously work on discovering new fabrics, ways of production, and means of establishing a circular culture. Want to help us improve? We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts. Reach out to us via e-mail or Instagram @pack_bags.

We know we are not perfect! But we believe that being transparent and sharing our efforts of improving will contribute to a more sustainable way of consumption.