Longevity is the new sustainability.

With the PACK modular system, we aim to inspire towards a more conscious consumerism. We propose a circular alternative: by creating high quality, durable, 

timeless and easy-to-repair bags and enabling you to update them to fit your unique style, you can keep them over a lifetime.


All our bags are modular, every item is an amalgamation of easy-to-assemble parts, available in a range of colors and materials. You can buy a pre-assembled bag, but you can also build your own bag. Over time, you can easily update and repair your bag by replacing modules, giving space to express your unique style and adapt to different situations. Since all modules are made of just one material [mono-material], they are easy to recycle at the end of their lifetime.


We work towards using 100% recycled or circular materials (deadstock, leftovers), sourced in Europe.

We work with Morssinkhof recycling factory and Eurocarbon webbing mill in The Netherlands to produce our black webbing from recycled plastic. Soon the other webbing colours will be manufactured in this way as well. For more detail about the materials we use, please check each individual product or module. 


PACK products are handmade by craftspeople in The Netherlands who receive an honest salary and work in good conditions.


We commit to repairing your bag, so you can use it longer. And when your bag is at the end of its lifetime, we’ll help you recycle it.

Please check our Repair & Recycle page to see how this works.