Updated: May 21

Exploring modular design in handcrafted objects

The installation “Modern / Craft” is the first result of a project we started in 2017 where we explore how to combine the idea of modular design with co-design.

Modular design is an approach that divides a product into smaller parts that can be independently created and then used in different products. Using the same modular system of PACKBAGS, we asked craftspeople from different parts of Taiwan to create new parts of this system. In this way, the ancient skills of different small-scale craft businesses and cooperatives can be combined to create circular economy products that can be repaired and adjusted over time, as well as increasing the market reach of all the participants by combining forces and providing them with a platform for a wider audience.

The project also explores how to combine ancient crafts with modern materials, and by doing this, to create contemporary ways in which to use these crafts, without changing them. This project was funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and executed in collaboration with the Taiwan Dutch Design Post (TDDP) and C-Hub.

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